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“This is Switzerland” is a Switzerland destination promotion initiative undertaken by Ottila International in association with Rail Europe India Pvt. Ltd and supported by Switzerland Tourism Board.

We bring to you a beautiful destination which is the “Heart of Europe”. Many tourists have visited Switzerland and many are planning to take their dream holiday in Switzerland. This is Switzerland is there to guide all. Whether you are a first timer or a repeat traveler to Switzerland, you will find useful information with This is Switzerland, which will make your experience even better.

“This is Switzerland” aspires to show you the Real Switzerland – the majestic mountains, the beautiful countryside, the scenic lakes and the many natural secrets that make this gorgeous country. Our site gives you information on lesser known but beautiful regions within Switzerland that are waiting to be explored.

Our itineraries section has choices of tours to suit different lengths of stay and includes most destinations. There is a section dedicated to various sightseeings and excursions you can do while in Switzerland. We also have a list of recommended hotels under popular cities to guide you in your accommodation choices. The Swiss Travel System section provides all information on the transportation system in Switzerland and the various products that you can buy.

We hope the site gives you all the information you need. If you still have queries or need more information, please use the contact page section. For booking your Swiss holiday or any of the products promoted under “This is Switzerland” please enquire with your travel agents and we will assist them to do all the arrangements.